Snap, save and send with Snag List.

The ultimate tool for quickly & simply recording a list of problems or defects. Whether you're working on a construction site or assessing your new home, Snag List allows you to capture a photo of the problem, add a description to it and send a professional report of your recorded lists, all from your iPhone.

★ Manage your snag lists much easier, and all from your iPhone.
★ Photograph a problem.
★ Add a description to each photo.
★ Send a professional looking PDF snag list directly from your iPhone.

  • Construction Industry

    Create professional looking snag lists simply & easily. Just take a photo, add a description and send a report.

  • Estate Agents

    Inventory lists are time consuming and expensive. Create professional looking inventories, complete with photos, ready to be sent to your clients.

  • Office Design & Refurbishment

    Brilliant for office fit-out specialists. Snap areas of the office and write your own descriptions.

  • Home Owners

    Just bought a new home? Use Snag List to highlight problem areas to contractors before you move in.


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